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Thoughts from our pastor,

Our church is more than 100 years old and has curved pews, which  is something not seen in modern churches. This style of pew is seen in very few churches as newly constructed churches have chairs instead of pews. The building was constructed around the turn of the 20th century.

I believe preaching in a historic church is an honor.

The simple approach better conveys the word of God. Extra bells and whistles such as lighting changes, full bands and fog machines are distractions. The congregation is also the choir, singing all the songs accompanied by a single upright piano played by members of the congregation. 

The services held in the sanctuary reflect this in nature. I pull some passages from scripture and gives examples of how to apply the word of God to everyday life.

It can feel at times that there is no good in the world. With famines, disasters and violence that regularly plague humankind, it is an easy thing to think. However, it is not true.  Goodness can be found by helping one another. One person cannot help everyone, but they can help their neighbor, friend or relative, he said, adding that then that person can go on to help someone else, creating a chain.   

These are messages we are offering to young people and members of the community who may have stopped attending church for any number of reasons. Our congregation is welcoming to everyone. When a new person attends a service, everyone shakes their hand and talks to them and gets to know them. 

When you accept Christ into your life, you will never be alone. At First Christian, Chehalis, there will always be a space just for YOU!

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Email: office@chehalischristian.org

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